What is APPAN

Appan is a worldwide network for promotion and co-operation in the performing arts development. This network increases public awareness of the cultural spiritual identity of performing arts in the Asia Pacific Region to a worldwide audience.


The rich diversity of performing arts in the Asia-Pacific Region is deeply embedded in their traditional culture, though the artistic expression of dance, music and theatre arts. Such precious artistic values are a unique testimony to a rich intangible heritage, which must be preserved and promoted. For these reasons it is necessary to develop and provide a platform for the enhancement of research, exchange, education, and networking for the performing arts and artists. Furthermore, it is necessary to promote the status of Artists in the Asia-Pacific Region.
The Asia-Pacific Performing Arts Network (APPAN) was established in 1999 by the Korean National Commission for Unesco and the Regional office for Asia and the Pacific of Unesco.
APPAN is sponsored under the patronage of UNESCO and the members of APPAN-Korea.
The focal point of the Network is in Seoul, Korea for development and International relations.

Aim of APPAN

  • Strengthening and enlarging continuos communication among the members of the Network. Establish a Asia-Pacific Regional performing arts exchange through workshops, master classes, exchange residencies of performers, choreographers, stage designers, lighting designers, etc,
  • Promote opportunities for exchange and intercultural performances of regional dance and theatre companies.
  • Act as a clearinghouse for training and scholarship opportunities in the performing arts within the region.
  • Act as a vehicle for the exchange and development of educational materials relating to the performing arts of Asia-Pacific with a particular aim to introduce these material into the secondary school curriculum and general public media (T.V, Print, internet)
  • Collecting, processing and disseminating information on performing arts development, performing arts policies and life.
  • Encouraging joint research and other performing arts endeavors, improving information flow among developed and developing countries, the UN and other international organizations (ITI, ASP, CID, EPEND, APENIU, MAB, CULTL, AD, etc,)
  • Creating a job market for performing artists though arts presenters and management.

    Activities of APPAN

    Promotion of Asia-Pacific performing arts as an intangible cultural property and recognition of performing artists as national and international "Living Treasures".
    Linking performing artists, companies, organizations, institutions and networks in the Asia-Pacific Region, identities, mass media, communication technologies and cultural co-operation in the field of performing Arts.
    Development of a documentation center of performing arts and development data bank with the task of making information on performing arts development, policies and life accessible to all members of the Network. This Data Bank enables APPAN to become a true Asia Performing Arts Network -an efficient network of intercultural communication.

    APPPAN's activities involve...

  • Collecting, processing, reproducing, exchanging and disseminating data about performing arts development in the region.
  • Organizing regional gatherings, events and joint performing arts projects to promote and develop among the Asia Pacific Regions.

    Members APPAN

    Consists of Individual members: artists, companies, of performing arts.
    Consists of institutional Associate members: Art Supporters are requested to share information about their institutions and countries; are invited to participate in conferences and events organized by APPAN

      Annual Membership Dues:
      student $60
      Individual $120
      Institution $200

    What APPAN Offers

  • Open membership to all networks and other organizations engaged in performing arts in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Opportunity for all members to present the results of their own activities.
  • Opportunity for all members to be informed on the most recent trends in worldwide performing arts.
  • Opportunity for publishers and other agents from performing art industries to people about their publications, film and theatre productions, audio / visual media, performing technical equipment, etc.