  Strengthening and enlarging continuous communication among the members of the Network. Establish an Asia-Pacific Regional performing arts exchange through workshops, master classes, exchange residencies of performers, choreographers, stage designers, lighting designers, etc.,


  Promote opportunities for exchange and intercultural performances of local dance and theater companies. 


  Act as a clearinghouse for training and scholarship opportunities in the performing arts within the region. 


  Serve as a vehicle for the exchange and development of educational materials relating to the performing arts of Asia-Pacific with a particular aim to introduce this material into the secondary school curriculum and general public media (T.V, Print, the internet)


  Collecting, processing and disseminating information on performing arts development, performing arts policies and life. 


  Encouraging joint research and other performing arts endeavors, improving information flow among developed and developing countries, the UN and other international organizations (ITI, ASP, CID, EPEND, APENIU, MAB, CULTL, AD, etc.) 


  Creating a job market for performing artists through arts presenters and management.