Dear most beloved Shantaji!


It is with great sadness that we were delivered the heart breaking news.

You have been a most wonderful and excellent loving leader and a friend to us all. 

With your grace, you established a great International Asia pacific Performing Arts Networking and served us all doing a great job as the APPAN chairperson from the time of Inauguration in Seoul in 2000 till present.

Your presence has always been felt, cherished and respected and your passing is a devastating loss to our community.


I will forward this sad massage to our members who loved you dearly Shantaji.

Shanta's warm and loving heart touched all of us... your memory, influence and heart will remain with us for good.

I will pray for your peace and grace to all Boddhisattvas .


With Respect and Love,


Dr. SunOck Lee, Secretary General of APPAN

Dear Sunny ji

Many thanks for your condolences 

Shanta ji was a rare human being and wonderful colleague as a dance critic.

In Shanta's passing away we have lost a leader who had world vision and brought us all together

may her soul rest in peace.

With regards,

Sunil Kothari

New Delhi

Dear Sun Ock Lee,


Thank you for the massage. It is realy a deep sadness for us. I remember Madame Shantaji very well. She was a very intelligent and nice person. As the Chaiperson of APPAN, she did so many good things for all of us and for the Arts. I feel miss her.


My deepest condolences to her family.


Yours sincerely,


Dear Sunny,


I am very sorry to hear the news about Shantaji. She was a wonderful woman, wonderful human being. You will miss her very much and Appan will remember her forever.


Thanks for participating me the information. We are back in Ecuador since 2015 after 5 years in Botswana, Africa.


Receive my regards to you and to the Appan people I met some 15 years ago, if they are still active with you.



Dear Sunny,


Thank you for reaching out to us.  It was a pity that I haven’t had a chance to meet Shantaji.  I am sure she left in peace and love by many. 


My deepest condolences to her family.


Yours sincerely,